Due to hygienic and cleanliness, all goods sold cannot be exchanged or changed except when it is aligned with our return policy.

Customers must inform ALAMI within 3 days from the day of received should the goods is wrong and damaged.

Should customers wish to return any goods sold, it must be:

  1. Goods are wrongly sent from ALAMI
  2. Goods must still be in its packaging, intact and new.
  3. Goods must not be used.
  4. All content in the goods are in its original place and intact.

If the goods received by ALAMI does not meet any of the above criteria, customers will not receive their refund or exchange.


To return wrongly sent goods, please email ALAMI at heyalami@gmail.com together with Order ID and your reason to exchange.

Please send us images of the goods and ensure that all criteria mentioned above are met.

We will consider your request and will inform the decision to accept or reject within 1 working day.

If your request is approved and accepted, we will send you the return instructions.

Please take note that all returned goods will be disposed due to hygienic cleanliness and Covid-19.

All returned goods will not be sold again to other customers.